• A collection of stories involving Satine Phoenix, Jamison Stone, Apotheosis Studios

    Meta Thread
    by Robert G. Reeve

    Tattoo Artist's Story (Chad Rowe)

    Tristan / Kate's Story

    Kate's Partner's Story

    Jessica Marcrum's Story
    (former writer for Apotheosis Studios)

    Pat Edward's Story
    (former writer on Red Opera at Apotheosis Studios)

    Ray Jenkins' Story
    (former writer for Apotheosis Studios)

    Liisa Lee's Story
    (former associate of Satine & Ruty)

    Jaron R. M. Johnson's Story
    (former Discord admin for Apotheosis Studios)

    realmsmithtv's Story
    (Champions of the Realm)

    Jason's Story
    (former associate of Satine)

    Lilah Han's Story
    (Former founding Gilding Light Community Manager/Editor in Chief/Writer & Project Management)

    The Fandomentals

    New Allegations Of Unprofessional Behavior, Emotional Abuse Against Jamison Stone Come Out

    h.h. carlan's Story
    (verifying Lilah Han's story)

    Max's Story
    (friend of Jamison)